Throne’s music video – Tharsis Sleeps



This at once beautiful and epic music video is comprised of more denim patches than you could shake a stick at. 45 million stitches across 200 meters make up over 3000 of them, each one used as a frame for this animation. Inspired by the tradition of heavy metal fans sewing patches onto their outfits in support, this really speaks to the people. Wonderfully creative and a powerful response to the music, very much a fan of this and I’d love to own one of the patches myself! Quote from “I wanted to tell a story of true epicness,” said Nicos Livesey, the bands singer. “I feel the video fits seamlessly with the music. The rawness and energy in the material between each frame seems to marry perfectly with a colossal riff.” Livesey himself worked in the animation industry for 4 years. The lyrics and concept of the song allows us to follow Throne to Mars, where they go to drop a nuclear bomb into Tharsis, Mars Volcano. The aim of this is to heat up the atmosphere, melting and rising the icy seas beneath it’s surface and thus making it habitable for human life. But it goes wrong and they end up becoming wild, nuclear ghosts haunting the planet which promptly blooms and flowers. Great fun. Video Link: Tharsis-Sleeps-music-video-by-Throne_dezeen_01 Tharsis-Sleeps-music-video-by-Throne_dezeen_10


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