The Overuse of Photo A Day

Turns out taking a photo-a-day is pretty hard! I love taking photos, I actually have a slightly worrying fear that if I don’t take a photo of those ‘magic’ moments, I will forget it ever happened or I ever set eyes on it. My brain is not the best at remembering things; I often forget the most important word to my sentence mid way through talking. That scares me.

But even for someone like me, taking a photo a day started to get painful. I have begun to see photos differently; as items that clog up my hard drive and make my computer slow. I like that I liked photos! So I have stopped, well,  I found a replacement! Firstly, I will update my blog with a ‘Sunday Photo’ ( I take enough naturally for that to be a tough choice) and secondly a new quest – a 30 day photo challenge! I found one I liked on the wonder that is the/this internet. It has rules and is more directed, and I believe perhaps more useful than mass photography and my mass hysteria.

While I was checking out Photo A Day blog posts, I came across this guy’s 365 project. I like the ideas he experiments with; especially the billowing fabrics. That’s what the photo a day or make something a day is good for; you experiment, find a route to go down and explore it for a while, churning out stuff that’s both good and bad. Those of him sinking in water… a little creepy. Still can’t believe he has this much creativity and is only 21!



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