Indian Wedding!

So I completed my first quest! I just got back from a hilarious holiday to India, where I attended an Indian wedding; it’s a small cheat, as it was a Christian wedding and not entirely traditional in that sense, but I’m counting it anyway! It was the most extravagant party I have ever been to, beautiful too – a strange thing I did notice was how beautifully lit the whole thing was,  staged as though a performance.

A necklace was tied instead of giving rings and I am told that the bindi is a decorative and religious feature between the eyebrows, but a small dot on the hairline above announces the woman is married, and they wear these everyday for the rest of their lives. Although the bride and groom wore western style outfits, most of those attending the wedding had the most beautiful fabrics and coloured saris on. Such a nice contrast to the usual black and white we see at fancy events. It didn’t take long to notice those who had more luxurious clothes than others. And the women were so beautiful! Saris are so elegant and flattering, my friend Victoria was with us and I was green with envy as she had a real sari and looked gorgeous!

There was lots of entertainment, and I wasn’t disappointed dancing wise – a hired dance group gave several performances throughout the night, though these were more modern than traditional. There was a drumming group welcoming the happy couple who arrived on a horse drawn carriage, lanterns lit and sent off into the night sky, fireworks, a celebrity host… it was wonderful, literally.

I thought the entire night was really eye opening and perhaps a new quest will be born from this one; to see weddings around the world, to experience the different cultures that are celebrated in this way.


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