January; Part 1

Note to Self: Have noticed that keeping the photos until the end of the month provides a messy way to remember what happened when! Next month will be more organised – this month might be a bit off!!!

  • Featured Image – Messing around at Captains Bar on New Years Eve, overlooking the Bund.
  1. Happy New Year poster up near my house!
  2. The view out to my courtyard in the morning 🙂
  3. ‘Fashion shoot’ being taken in the sunny Former French Concession.
  4. Traveled 6 hours out of Xiamen to see the ‘Tulou’ Earth Houses; breathtaking.
  5. Me, Dai Liang and Wokky after doing the Xiamen Half Marathon.
  6. Dog hitching a ride on Xiamen’s ‘Piano Island’. I asked the guy if I could try carrying the load, he laughed and let me. Instead of me lifting it, it lifted me! Amazing guy. It’s as hard as it looks, really.
  7. Mac’s new architecture glasses means this is the last time we will be seen together. I’m just not cool enough anymore.

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